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How Can You Pay Your People Better When You Don’t Know Your Numbers?

Growers across the region are struggling to attract and retain excellent employees. Most sustainable farmers want to pay their people more already in recognition of how much they value their labor force. But how much more can you really “afford”?

In this webinar, farm consultant Ellen Polishuk provides farmers with an overview of Full Cost of Production. What is it? What power does it give you in negotiating price? How can Full Cost of Production give you the platform to play around with increasing labor compensation?

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure 

Let’s get clear on what kinds of numbers you need in order to get to Full Cost of Production. Then, how are you going to get those numbers this season so you can mess around with them next winter?

This webinar avoids the energy-killing words “record keeping.” Instead, farm consultant Ellen Polishuk helps farmers strategize how to better capture data so you can use your numbers to assess profitability and Full Cost of Production.

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