Do You Need Help with Labor and Pricing Practices?

Assess your current employee practices and make sure you are pricing your products fairly!

Enacting clear, fair labor policies and practices that improve employee quality of life and retention is partially dependent on farmers calculating production costs and adding these improvements. If agricultural work were compensated and managed fairly, farm work could be an economically viable career. In the end, a stable, motivated workforce contributes to sustainable agricultural production.

To learn how to integrate better labor and pricing practices, complete this fully confidential 30-minute self-assessment for labor and pricing practices on your farm.

After you submit this self-assessment, an individualized report with resources for strengthening your farm operation will be sent. You’ll also be invited to join educational events on topics such as creating a health and safety plan on your farm, establishing fair pricing, negotiating and contracting for your price, and establishing best practices for working with employees that integrate the Agricultural Justice Project’s Food Justice standards for fairness.

Learn more about what farmers Leah Penniman, Steve Munno, and Nancy Vail are saying about the project below:

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